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Biking Trails

Listed as one of Florida’s best places to bike, Amelia Island boasts a number of cycling options, from rugged trails to smooth, paved paths. Amelia Island bike trails offers unique scenic views of our coastal landscape. For help on deciding where to bike, here’s a compiled list below, as inspired by the Amelia Island Bicycling Brochure.

If you didn’t bring your own bike, rentals are available throughout the island and guided bicycle tours are offered at some locations. We recommend Amelia’s Wheels if you’re looking to explore within or around The Plantation. Other options around island are Beach Rentals and More, Spoke Cycles, and SuperCorsa Cycles.

As you hit these trails and peddle around island, please be aware of vehicular traffic at all intersections to avoid accidents. Florida law requires helmets for bicycle riders under 16, although helmets are recommended for all bicyclists.

Amelia Island Trail

Park your vehicle and unload your bikes at either Peters Point Beachfront Park (1974 S. Fletcher Ave.) on the trail's north end or Amelia Island State Park (State Road A1A North) on the trail's southern end. Most of this route is paved and lined with trees as it runs parallel to Highway A1A. The trail, which is 6.2 miles, is part of the East Coast Greenway, a growing trail network stretching from Florida to Maine. Once at Amelia Island State Park, bicyclists can enjoy access to the park's acres of soft, sandy beaches, salt marshes, and maritime forests. Fishing is allowed and kayaking and horseback riding are popular activities. If ready to explore even more, bicyclists can venture off the southern end of the island on the bridge, which leads to the Timucuan Trail on Big Talbot Island after about about a mile.

Burney Park To Greenway Trail

A historic landmark, American Beach is where a resort community was established in 1935 for African Americans to vacation in defiance of segregation and the prevailing Jim Crow laws of that era. Today there are many historic markers sharing the area’s story. Bicyclists can begin at Burney Park and then start out on Ocean Blvd. to Julia Street before heading towards Amelia Island Pkwy. Once on the parkway bicyclists can leave the road for the sidewalk and/or bike lane, taking those two miles to Via Del Rey Rd. They’ll only be on Via Del Rey and Bill Melton Road for 0.5 miles before hopping onto First Avenue for two miles, arriving at Sadler Road. Going left on Sadler Road, it’s only 0.2 miles west to Egan’s Creek Greenway, a dirt trail allowing wildlife spotting and navigating north over Jasmine Street all the way to Atlantic Avenue.

School Trail

A total of 2.6 miles, this sidewalk trail begins next to Slider’s restaurant at Seaside Park, where bicyclists will venture down Sadler Road (traveling west away from the ocean) to Citrona Drive. Once taking a right on Citrona Street, they’ll move north towards Atlantic Avenue and past both Fernandina Beach High School and Middle School.

Fort Clinch Trail

Dubbed a “a scenic spur path connection”, this half-road, half-dirt trail begins the moment bicyclists enter Fort Clinch State Park off Atlantic Avenue (entry fee required.) Enjoy the magnificent oak canopy providing shade and reprieve from the summer sun. Be aware that the street does require cars and bicycles to share, and given that it’s a winding, picturesque road some drivers may be less observant of bicyclists and more focused on the view. At the end of the trail is the St. Mary’s River, a great spot to watch the sunset and to look across at Cumberland Island.

Ocean View Trail

Part of the East Coast Greenway, this trail is a total of 13.7 miles, from the south end’s A1A Nassau Sound Bridge to the north end’s Fernandina Beach Marina. Especially for guests staying in The Plantation who want to enjoy a full day of cycling, this trail is a fantastic way to travel a majority of the island and see various neighborhoods.

Chamber Of Commerce To Peter's Point Trail

Right after passing over Shave Bridge onto Amelia Island, bicyclists can take a right into the Chamber of Commerce parking lot (near Cantina Louie restaurant.) From this business center, cyclists can follow the bike lane on Amelia Island Parkway to A1A for three miles. Instead of going straight towards the Ritz Carlton, they’ll take a left and bike 0.1 miles to Peter’s Point on the right.

Fernandina Beach, FL To St. Mary's, GA

Lastly, there’s a “trail” from Amelia Island to St. Mary’s, GA being planned. Bicyclists and pedestrians would be able to use a water-taxi service to travel from the downtown marina across the St. Mary’s River to downtown St. Mary’s. Call Amelia River Cruises to inquire about the Water Taxi Charter Service at 904-261-9972.
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